The FIM MiniGP World Series project, powered by the collaboration between the FIM and DORNA SPORTS , aims to nurture the next generation of motorcycling talent by offering a structured, competitive platform for young riders between 10 and 16 yo all over the world.

In order to increase the number of countries and riders involved in the championship, the 160cc Series expands in 2024 with new series in the Baltic, China, Latin America and Philippines, with the Netherlands also returning to the competition.

As new countries join the FIM MiniGP World Series, the project’s scope and impact continue to expand, creating more opportunities for aspiring riders worldwide. Ohvale, as the sole and official motorcycle chosen by DORNA SPORTS and FIM, is proud to play this important role in this ambitious project.

The introduction of new countries into the FIM MiniGP World Series marks a significant milestone in our mission. It underscores the universal appeal of motorsport and the shared passion that transcends borders. By providing a consistent and competitive environment, we enable young riders to develop the necessary skills and experience to excel in their careers on the Road To MotoGP.

In particular the 2024 FIM MiniGP World Final will be the biggest yet, with 22 160cc Series and 11 190cc Series set to take part in the event. For the 160cc category, it’s the top two riders from each competition who will join the final, and for the 190cc class, it’s the top three as the category continues to grow. 

In addition, the 2023 champions of both the 160cc and 190cc categories – Qabil Irfan from Malaysia (160cc) and Alvaro Lucas from Spain (190cc) – are invited to participate in the 2024 final regardless of their Championship positions. Since both champions are competing in the 190cc category this year, the number of riders in the World Final in Valencia could increase to a total of 79 overall, a new record!

Ohvale want to sent a huge thank to all the partners, dealers, and everyone involved in the organization for the dedication and collaboration reaching this significant milestone.  We are excited about the future and we look forward to achieving even greater results together.  

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