Ohvale sole and official partner of FIM MINIGP WORLD SERIES

Ohvale is Road to MotoGP™ project



Dell'Orto represents a family before being a brand, a passion before being a job. It's a winning DNA, shared by OHVALE too, made of innovation and motorsport, qualities that have allowed the company to establish itself nationally and internationally as a leader in the production of carburetors and more. A Made in Italy pride that looks to the future by investing in sustainable mobility and new technologies.


The partnership between Ohvale and flymeto, leading travel agency on the international scene, has been extended with the aim of bringing the passion and fun of two wheels to every corner of the world. Established in 2018, the flymeto brand has steadily grown into a significant player in motorsport, thanks to agreements with the best teams in the paddock. Use the €10 discount (valid on every flight or accommodation) with the code OHVALE10 on the flymeto.com website and plan your next trip!


Founded in 1853, Motul is a French company with an international footprint specialized in the formulation, production, and distribution of high-performance lubricants for engines. It’s a recognized brand, valued for its consistent innovative spirit: is this desire to move forward that has led the company to provide cutting edge technology and to be part of the world leaders in the sector today.


To help people capture and share their lives in engaging and exciting ways: this is the manifesto of GoPro, loved worldwide for its highly versatile and high-performance products.


Gazeboflash is now recognized among the most important players in the sector thanks to the sophistication of materials and finishes with which it constructs, customizes, and creates its own gazebos. Request a quotation now for your branded Ohvale products and more!