The new Brembo’s front brake system on the Ohvale 190cc

We are thrilled to announce a new important upgrade for the OHVALE GP2 190cc model. 

Starting from the Model Year 2024 OHVALE GP2 190cc will be exclusively equipped with the front braking system radial caliper 4 pistons ⌀24 produced by Brembo, the world’s leading manufacturer of braking systems in the racing sector. The partnership between Ohvale and Brembo, was implemented in 2023 but the collaboration has already been active for years as J. JUAN is part of the same group.

This innovative brake system improves modulation during braking and the caliper design assists in better heat dissipation.

Brembo front braking system for Ohvale will be available as a replacement for all previous versions of the OHVALE GP-2. It will be possible to use it in official racing activity in all Ohvale GP-2 model years. As of model year 2024, this version will be equipped with K140 spring in the rear shock absorber as standard. Options available at no extra charge: K120 or K160.