Korea Mobility Group (KMG) is the new exclusive dealer of Ohvale in South Korea.

Ohvale is thrilled to announce  Korea Mobility Group (KMG) as a new exclusive dealer of Ohvale bikes in South Korea.

Ohvale deeply appreciates KMG’s commitment and enthusiasm in accepting this new challenge and joining us on this exciting journey into the world of racing.

The goal with this partnership is to introduce a true project for motorcycling, focusing on creating a growth path for young riders and bringing people to the track who may have never considered it before. KMG’s circuit serves as a crucial base for this project, providing an ideal setting for training and developing riders’ skills.

This new partnership also aims to create an inclusive and stimulating environment that gives all riders, regardless of experience, the opportunity to grow and thrive in the world of two-wheeled racing. 

Ohvale is excited to embark on this new adventure: thanks to KMG for the trust and commitment shown.