FMI and Ohvale announce new updates for CIV Junior 2024

While we still remain with our hearts full of excitement about the intense challenges of the CIV Junior 2023, with the Italian Champions of the various classes and the talented riders preparing for the FIM MINIGP WORLD SERIES Final in Valencia at the end of November, here come the first confirmations and news about the CIV Junior 2024.

The CIV Junior 2023 championship was a triumph of adrenaline and competition on the track, thanks in part to the Italian Motorcycle Federation’s innovative project that allowed each race to be followed live exclusively on Federmoto TV. This kept motorcycling fans glued to the screen until the moment of the checkered flag, experiencing in real time the challenges and emotions of the young talents on the track.
The CIV Junior is a Championship that plays a crucial role in the growth and training of young drivers, involving an increasing number of participants eager to emerge.

For 2024, the categories that have made the CIV Junior so compelling are confirmed: Ohvale GP-0 110, Ohvale GP-0 160 MINIGP ITALY SERIES, Ohvale GP-2 190 MINIGP ITALY SERIES, the Italian Sport Production Championship with Aprilia RS 250 SP2s, and the Italian Junior Cup with Ohvale GP-2 190, divided into SuperStar and Legends categories.

There are also technical updates.  Starting with the 2024 season, riders registered in the CIV Junior categories will only be able to participate with bikes equipped with the new specific seal affixed by Ohvale and dedicated exclusively to CIV Junior. This important initiative aims to ensure the technical equality of the participating bikes, highlighting the talent and skills of the riders.

In the coming weeks, the 2024 calendar on which the Italian Motorcycling Federation is working together with the circuits involved will be released.